Gandalf vs. Saruman Salt & Pepper Shakers

Posted: September 04, 2013
Gandalf vs. Saruman Salt & Pepper Shakers
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A set of Gandalf vs. Saruman salt & pepper shakers solidifies it: salt is evil, pepper is good. Makes sense. Salt can curse us with high blood pressure resulting in an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. The worst pepper can do is make us sneeze. That's the real reason Gandalf is running away in that second photo. You shall not season me, Saruman! Hypertension runs in my family!

I like these Lord of the Rings icons in S&P form, but what I'm really waiting for is a set of Salt & Pepa shakers. With a Spinderella butter dish.

If you're willing to risk their breakable ceramic shells, here's the Gandalf/Saruman fight scene from The Fellowship of the Ring for your re-enactment pleasure.

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