Gandalf vs. Saruman Salt & Pepper Shakers

By: on September 04, 2013
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A set of Gandalf vs. Saruman salt & pepper shakers solidifies it: salt is evil, pepper is good. Makes sense. Salt can curse us with high blood pressure resulting in an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. The worst pepper can do is make us sneeze. That's the real reason Gandalf is running away in that second photo. You shall not season me, Saruman! Hypertension runs in my family!

I like these Lord of the Rings icons in S&P form, but what I'm really waiting for is a set of Salt & Pepa shakers. With a Spinderella butter dish.

If you're willing to risk their breakable ceramic shells, here's the Gandalf/Saruman fight scene from The Fellowship of the Ring for your re-enactment pleasure.

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Underhill Home - Luxury Hobbit-Hole

$917k from rightmove »

Now that the British Pound has taken its first real hit in recent memory, you might start thinking about buying up some real estate in England. This 4-bedroom, 4,000-square-foot home called Underhill is a steal at $917,000....

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Middle Earth Map Leggings

$8.50 from Amazon »

Control Middle-earth--and likely all male Elves, Wizards, Orcs, Dragons, Dwarves, Ents, and Hobbits--for under $100. You don't even have to enter into battle or acquire Rings of Power. Leave it to Black Milk Clothing...

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Montana Magica Lodge

$255 from Huilo-Huilo »

Hobbiton meets Harry Potter meets sustainable tourism. Montana Magica is a fantastical mossy lodge situated in a rainforest on the Chilean side of Patagonia, just under the Andes Mountains. It is one of several rental...

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Sword Keys

$11.99 from The Key Armory »

It's dangerous to leave the house without a key! Take this set that will also serve as your sword and shield if the gangs...of ants...attack. The Key Armory stocks up fantasy and gaming fans' keychains with iconic swords...

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Eye of Sauron Fire Pit

$643.38 from Etsy »

I bet this fire pit knows some good ghost stories. What I didn't bet was that Sauron moved his Dark Tower to Canada, where he and his Evil Eye now mostly roast marshmallows and try to taunt Canadians into saying something...

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Lord of the Rings Sauron Armor Set


Antagonist. Necromancer. Lord of the Rings. SRG Armoury brings the darkness and malevolence of Tokien's Sauron to life in this custom-made Full Plate Armor Set. Constructed from 16 - 18 gauge mild steel, all suits are...

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Elf Ear Cuffs

$55 - $105 from Etsy »

Ladies, if you're wondering what dudes will say when you enter the room wearing a pair of Alanya Divine's custom-made silver elf ear cuffs, the answer is, "Yes, please." You like them for their craftily shaped argentium...

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The One Ring Firepit

Sold Out from Etsy »

How do I plan to make it through the winter? Bohemian Alp Designs' Lord of the Rings One Ring firepit, many gallons of hot cider & whiskey, and a recording of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" warped to sound like Gollum is...

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Hobbit Hole Pet & Play Houses

$1,295 - $2,495 from Etsy »

Officially made and sold as Hobbit Hole chicken coops (or scale-mail-clad guinea pig coops! The uprising, it is all coming together!) these Lord of the Rings-inspired homes for the yard also serve as dog houses or kiddie...

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Bilbo Baggins Bonsai Home

By: Flickr »

Whatever, I could make a Bilbo Baggins Bag End Bonsai. Or I could if I had the meticulous, exacting hands of a surgeon. But then I'd probably just be a surgeon because I bet it pays more than selling miniature Japanese...

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The Periodic Table of Middle Earth

$15 from LOTR Project »

Featuring characters from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I'd say The Periodic Table of Middle Earth would rank very close to the top of a list of Geekiest Items a Human Being Could Own. (I specified human being...

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The Lord of the Rings Chess Set

$495 from Amazon »

Every detail is authentic, richly realistic and true to the Academy Award winning epic film. The board is a magnificent work of art, detailing the story of Frodo, the reluctant hero of The Shire, and the friends and foes...