Five Finger Fillet Knife Set

Posted: July 11, 2012
Five Finger Fillet Knife Set - Black
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Admittedly, the Five Finger Fillet Knife Set will consume a chunk of kitchen countertop space. 10.4" x 11" x 10.4" to be exact. But I think its radness in appearance more than compensates for its shortcomings in spatial functionality. Not to mention that the silver metal hand will serve as an ideal training tool for honing successful, finger-sparing real-life demonstrations of the knife game. A Raffaele Iannello design, the stylized holder's base is fashioned in the image of tree trunk chunk, and available in a choice of black, red, or white. Five stainless steel serrated steak...hmmm, S-word, S-word, think of a...slicers! reside between spread digits, while a sixth penetrates the top of the hand. Ahhh, as I much as I love a bloody hunk of tenderloin or a slow marinated flank, this might be one set of steak knives that I'll enjoy not using almost as much as I'll enjoy busting them out with the beef. And pork. And lamb. And elk. OK, emphasis on the almost.

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