Fighting Man Frying Pan

By: on November 14, 2012
$45 - $250
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Even if your kitchen crusades consist of little more than scrambling eggs or, like my dad, changing other men's lives by showing them how to use a skillet to reheat day-old pizza to its just-delivered splendor, the Fighting Man's Frying Pan (FMFP) has a place on your stovetop. Why? Because its handle looks like a motherfucking sword! James Brown's (dude's even got a soul-stirring name) line of Combat Kitchenware will arm you both to whip the good stuff up and, if wielded properly, take the bad stuff down.

I'm also pretty sure FMFP users will find it exponentially more fun to agitate sauteing onions for even caramelization whilst holding tightly to the grip of a valiant knight's weapon of honor than it is to palm a boring old plastic composite protrusion.

Fighting Man's Frying Pans vary in size and composition, with options for personal tailoring to suit individuals' styles of culinary combat. Hilts are all custom-milled aluminum, which are then covered in molded silicone wraps so that handles emerge both sturdy and appropriately insulated. Skillet bases are also forged by Brown's company, Morlock Enterprises, out of Herndon, VA.

Running as a Kickstarter campaign through December 13, 2012, FMFP backers can choose from several echelons of sword-tinged support. $27 will get you a handle kit, which can be used to convert most any frying pan to an "epic implement of culinary doom." Those less trusting of their dis- and reassembly abilities can take the next step up to a Teflon-coated 8" pan, handle pre-attached ($45). Skillet size and material quality (e.g., cast iron, stainless steel) continue the quest to conquer the art of pan-fried, culminating in the gussying-up of an 11" All-Clad skillet Combat Kitchenware-style ($207), or the complete customization of a pan to suit a supporter's personal preferences ($250).

If Fighting Man's Frying Pan funding achieves its $7,000 backing goal, product shipment will begin in January 2013.

Muchas danke to David S. for the product suggestion.

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