Egg Minder - App-Enabled Egg Tray

Posted: February 05, 2015
Wink Egg Minder - App-Enabled Smart Egg Tray
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The Wink Egg Minder is a smart egg tray, which at first I thought might be taking this Internet of Things thing way too far. A Nest thermostat for smart home heating, sure. That could have a huge impact on cost and energy savings. Wi-Fi-enabled home security, and even pet communication systems seem somewhat logical too. But come on. Do we really need an app to keep track of our eggs?

Well, need is a strong word, but it should be pretty obvious by now that I concern myself only with the wants of life and, yeah, I kind of want an Egg Minder to tell me how many eggs I still have at home when I'm out and decide to make an impromptu trip to the store so I can surprise my mama with the ingredients for baking me an angel food cake.

And it's not only the number of eggs still nesting in my fridge that the Egg Minder tray's built-in Wi-Fi chip will relay to my smartphone, but also their age and quality. Next to each egg in the crate is an LED light that illuminates alongside the egg that's the oldest, and therefore should be used next. Once it's removed, the next oldest egg's light turns on. Through its accompanying Wink app, the Egg Minder will also send various push-notifications to alert you to when an egg has gone bad or is close to going bad. Optional settings enable triggering pushes when you're running low on eggs as well.

The Egg Minder stores up to 14 eggs. It is powered by 2 x AA batteries and is compatible with iOS 6 and up, iPhone 4 and up, and Android OS 2.2 and later.

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