Disappearing TARDIS Mug

Posted: July 10, 2012
Disappearing TARDIS Mug

Yo, TARDIS, I need to run a quick errand in 2343 today. Let me just pour a cup of coffee and...TARDIS? TARDIS, dude, where you at? [The TARDIS, having been exposed to a hot beverage, has disappeared from its current location on the mug, and reappeared on the other side.] Oh, doing a 180 on me, are you? Haha, funny...punk. Don't play tricks on your Time Lord.

The Doctor Who especiale Disappearing TARDIS Mug is a 12-ounce wonderment of the typical mystery and intrigue we've come to expect from the Whoniverse. A cold mug depicts the TARDIS waiting patiently for boarding on a cracked neighborhood sidewalk lined with picturesque homes. As its temperature rises when filled with hot contents, the TARDIS gradually disappears from the sidewalk (in an effect reminiscent of Marty McFly's on-stage fadeout from the world as Biff nearly thwarts George and Lorraine's first kiss) and reappears in an interstellar scene on the other side of the mug.

Kids love it! Old folks gone klepto with dementia try to steal it! Even Daleks can't help but see it and crack a smile! The disappearing TARDIS Mug is microwave-safe, but should be hand washed to preserve its images.

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