DASH Mini Toaster Oven

Posted: April 19, 2019
DASH Mini Toaster Oven
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I think I have juuust enough room for a DASH Mini Toaster Oven on my desk at work. It's got a perfect 9" footprint on the outside so it's great for small spaces, and I'll bet it's bigger on the inside for cooking, like, 16" pizzas and whole turkeys and...no? Smaller on the inside? A piece of toast, a bagel, maybe a lone chocolate chip cookie? Huh.

DASH needs to get the TARDIS designers on staff stat.

The 550W DASH Mini Toaster Oven is sized for single portions, so great for dorm rooms and office break rooms, or for the one picky eater you have at home. The setup includes a baking tray, oven rack, and crumb tray, all dishwasher safe. Like full-size toaster ovens the DASH Mini has a dial control for time with auto shutoff.

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