Cuisinart Steam & Convection Oven

Posted: January 26, 2017
Cuisinart Steam & Convection Oven

Cuisinart's Steam Oven stuffs the full functionality of a convection oven and a professional steam oven into a 15-1/2" x 18" countertop footprint. Using steam as a heating method can cut the cooking time of vegetables, fish, poultry, and rice by up to 40%. Also, the Steam Oven pretty much cleans itself. Because, again, steam.

The oven comes with 9 single and combination functions that, in addition to steaming straight to belly-ready, allow you to pair steaming with broiling or baking to, say, brown roasts on the outside, but keep them juicy beyond the skin. Cuisinart also provides settings for proofing breads and other yeasty treats in the Steam Oven, and then popping them back inside to bake "faster, with bakery-quality results."

The stainless steel oven has an 1800-watt rating and can output up to 120 minutes of steady, uninterrupted steam. The interior chamber can accommodate food sizes ranging from a whole 4-1/2-pound chicken to a 12" pizza.

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