Corner Counter Saver

Posted: May 02, 2013
Corner Counter Saver
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John Boos designed the corner cutting board/counter space saver from solid maple and recommends that you add it to your "kitchen arsenal". Please raise your hand if you have a kitchen arsenal. Please raise your hand if you know what constitutes a kitchen arsenal. Knives seem like a logical inclusion. And maybe a blender for pulverizing offending fruits and vegetables. Definitely mine would have a Beef Jerky Gun that fires forth delectable cords of meat. Oh yes, ladies, I've got all kinds of tube steak for you.

What's that? Oh, about 8" long, so you know...what? The what? Oh. Well...huh. I'm not sure. I never thought to measure the circumference.

Excuse me for a moment.

Boos & Co., who did remember to take complete measurements, peddles 24" x 18" x 1-1/4" Corner Counter Saver cutting boards. Each secures with a clip to 90-degree, 1-1/2" thick kitchen counters for efficient, space-saving slicing activities and arsenal building efforts.

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