Clongs - Click-Lock Sit-Up Tongs

By: on April 25, 2014
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Since it's difficult for me even to pour a bowl of cereal without making a mess I'm not sure how much of a difference in cleanliness Clongs will make in my life, but I do appreciate their intent and nifty V-dip. And with grilling season on our heels, maybe you maestros of the BBQ would like to have a pair of the mess-thwarting sit-up utensils to keep wet sauces and beef bits off your grills and tables.

Clongs keep counter surfaces gunk-free, plus maintain their own hygiene, via the simple bends in their stainless steel arms. The silicone tips are safe for non-stick cookware, and heat-resistant up to 500 degrees F, so the tongs can serve as flippers and servers on frying pans and BBQs. A click-lock mechanism supports Clong opening and securing with one hand.

Clongs come in 12" and 9" length, and an assortment of colors.

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Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper

$7.99 from Amazon »

This Cob Corn Stripper (not to be confused with a lady in a cornfield on a Hitch 'Er Up Stripper Pole) better work damn good, and without making a mess, because despite my rant last week about breaking up ground beef...

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The Food Kracker

$14.95 - $19.95 from Food Kracker, Inc. »

The Food Kracker looks to be as gratifying in application as it is effective. Almost as good as when you buy a bag of ice that gets all hunked up together in the freezer, so when you want to use it you lift it really...

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Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

$8.32 from Amazon »

See, it's a fork-spoon combo up top with a...knife!...that pulls out from the handle. And--and!--it's black. Ka-Bar's Tactical Spork is a tactical tool for tactical eating if I've ever seen one. Imagine the stealth and...

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The Chork - Chopsticks & Fork in One

$8.99 - $14.99 from Amazon »

What you see before you are cheaters. At least cheaters in the Chork-o-Sphere. The Chork is a double-ended fork (flip!) and chopsticks combo. Use it tines-down and you're eating like a Westerner. Split the utensil in...

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Meat Shredding Claws

$14.95 from Amazon »

Second only to my teeth--and probably preferred by the other people at the BBQ--these Claws from OXO shred meat with quickness, efficiency, and panache. Well, as much panache as a eagle's talons or a coupla garden rakes...

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Stirio - Automatic Pot Stirrer

$68 from Unikia »

Life hacking innovator Unikia adds the Stirio to its online showroom of tools that will expedite and elevate the filling of my belly. We previously saw the Compleat FoodSkin flexible lunchbox, a simple trick for keeping...

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Trudeau Toss & Chop Salad Tongs

$16.98 from Amazon »

The Trudeau Toss & Chop Salad Tongs may not be as dreamy as Justin, but they'll still win you over with their helpfulness in the kitchen, and ability to get along with all different types of fruits and vegetables....

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The Nessie Family Kitchen Utensils

$39 from Amazon »

The whole fam Nessie damily would like to take a swim in your kitchen brews and stews. Papa the colander spoon in your cooked pasta. Mama the ladle in your tomato soup and passion fruit punch. And Baby Nessie in your...

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Pizza Scissors

$46.99 from Amazon »

I have acquired some choice props and accessories throughout my quest to assemble the baddest ass Super Bowl 50 party known to mankind:...

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$16.88 from Amazon »

Knork: it's the camping-ready Spork's urban, cutting edge cousin. Here to help you slice and pierce your filet mignon with a single hand and a simple rocking motion. Perfect for the knife-renouncing avant-garde, plus...

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LED Lightsaber Chopsticks

$44.99 from Amazon »

Father-son lightsaber battles over Kung Pao chicken are about to get the LED treatment. Original lightsaber chopstick fabricator Kotobukiya continues its journey through their Galactic Republic of Replica Awesomeness...

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Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

$33.50 from The Fowndry »

The battle is in full-swing. It's Humans vs. Winter. The prize: Grilling Season. What weapon will you use to fight your way past the blustery cold and through the trenches piled with snow? I choose lightsaber. Because...