Cinder Sensing Cooker

Posted: March 08, 2015
Cinder Sensing Cooker

Cinder looks a little like a Foreman, acts a little like a sous vide machine, and makes the food it turns out taste a little like the best steak/salmon/caramelized onions you've ever had. At least according to the Sensing Cooker's creators, Eric Norman and Jim Reich.

Rather than cooking food for a set period of time, Cinder cooks it to a precise temperature (measured using internal sensors) so that nothing ever emerges over or under cooked. The smart sensors adjust the temperature of a pair of heating surfaces based on the cooking profile of each item, which users select via the Cinder app. Unlike a range, oven, or grill, the surfaces themselves will keep even heat within 2 degrees over the entire area. This type of precise temperature control is intended to produce perfect, consistent results with every use. It also means you don't have to stress about leaving the meat on too long or stab holes in it to determine your perfect state of medium-rare.

Cinder can cook a wide range of foods, including almost anything you would otherwise put in a frying pan or slow cooker, or on a grill, griddle, or cooktop. The Cinder app contains a database of meal possibilities; users simply select the food and how they want it prepared, and the Sensing Cooker takes over from there.

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