Chinese Takeout Box Cookie Jar

By: on October 09, 2017
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The contents of this Chinese takeout box could be way, way better than day-old Kung Pao Chicken. They could be big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies. Or peanut butter blossom cookies. Or triple devil's food caramel swirl cookies. Or gooey butter cookies. Or...

NO COOKIES?! Mama! I bought you this cookie jar with the understanding that it would be full when I come over and open it. What do you mean you just didn't feel like baking any this week? Do you think House of Hong tells me they "just didn't feel like making any Lo Mein this week" when I call for takeout? Psshh.

Do you at least have some Oreos?

The Chinese Takeout Box Cookie Jar is a 9" tall ceramic container sure to become kitchen royalty. Above the traditional Chinese pagoda on the front of the jar is the prediction, "You will eat cookies in the future and be happy."

As long as your mama feels like baking them this week.

The Chinese Takeout Box Cookie Jar is a top Dude Gift for the Kitchen pick.

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F-Cup Cookies

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Mighty Mug - The Mug That Won't Fall

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Milk & Cookie Shot Maker

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Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies

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I like the fortunes that say things like, "Soon you will be sitting on top of the world," and "May you grow rich," followed by a series of lucky numbers that happen to coincide with those drawn during this week's Power...

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Milk & Cookies Shots

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Naughty Cookie Cutters

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These are disgusting. A perversion of gingerbread men, and a perversion of the spirit of Christmas!...

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X-Rated Fortune Cookies

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Every time you masturbate, God chokes a kitten. I don't know if that bit of wisdom can be found in this Chinese to-go container of of X-Rated Fortune Cookies, but it should be a staple. Get your hands out of your pants...

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The Chork - Chopsticks & Fork in One

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Your Face on an Animal Cookie

You've had your face on a stamp. On a superhero action figure. Even on a super creepy mask worn by someone who is not you. But I think the best place of all for your face...uh, next to your head...is on an animal cooki

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LED Lightsaber Chopsticks

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Father-son lightsaber battles over Kung Pao chicken are about to get the LED treatment. Original lightsaber chopstick fabricator Kotobukiya continues its journey through their Galactic Republic of Replica Awesomeness...

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Aero Ti Titanium Chopsticks

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Aero Ti creators Eighty Eight Industry went aerodynamic with their chopsticks after studying the physiology of holding typical round, square, and octagonal shapes. When the hand's three fingers merge to grip a pair, they...

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Cookie Monster Pipe


Holy crap, can you imagine how many cookies the Cookie Monster would eat if he were high? Possibly all the cookies in the world. Which in a way would be interesting to witness, but in a bigger way very sad, because then...