Chelsea Miller Kitchen Knives

Posted: May 10, 2015
Chelsea Miller Kitchen Knives

Under the tutelage of her father, and then brother, and then blade-smith Nick Anger, Chelsea Miller began upcycling leftovers such as horse shoe rasps and wood from her family's farm in Vermont into the rustic, standout kitchen knives you see here. She says all of her handmade tools are crafted "with the intention to bring people closer to each other and their food." If nothing else, they'll provide chefs and their guests with at least one topic of conversation.

Knives, available in various styles of chef, boning, and cheese, are all made from high carbon tool steel, and so will feel nontraditional in the hand. I take that to mean awkward, but Miller does specify that her interests aren't really in a practical, efficient means of chopping onions, but in knives as "living art."

Knife handles are made from various repurposed woods, including spalted maple, walnut, and apple. Chef's knives all have a serrated texturing on one side of the blade to use in other cooking tasks, such as grating cheese or tenderizing meat.

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