Cheese Log Board & Knife Set

Posted: October 31, 2018
Cheese Log Board & Knife Set
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Someone gave me this Cheese Log board and axe knife set as sort of a gag gift, but I have to say, if the log slice had a lip around its edge I'd eat my dinner off it every night. I love this thing. It's adorable yet manly - and rare in its ability to combine those traits - and if I set it out when people come over, almost everyone who sees it chuckles and comments on the set's greatness.

And then they axe off a chunk of the Ossau Iraty I put on top of the log, and their eyes roll back in their head, and I know I will forever be the undisputed master of the cheese board.

Another kitschy kitchen accoutrement from Fred & Friends the Cheese Log board is a 7-7/8" diameter piece of solid beech wood. Its axe is made of stainless steel. My one complaint is it would be nice if the set were bigger, with room for serving more than one cheese, or at least to add some meat and crackers around a single wedge.

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