Checkered Chef Rocker Blade Pizza Cutter

Posted: December 11, 2017
Checkered Chef Rocker Blade Pizza Cutter
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What does Fozzie the Bear say when using a rocker blade to slice pizza? Rocka-rocka-rocka! Checkered Chef's rocker style cutter is super big and super sharp to make for a super easy roll through the dough. All the way through. No smooshes toppings or cheese skid marks left behind.

In addition to cutting clean, the rocker blade can cut clear across your pie, making 8 even slices of pizza in 4 cuts. The blade is also suitable for other kitchen tasks, including slicing bars, brownies, and tarts, and mincing herbs.

Checkered Chef's 18/0 stainless steel rocker comes with a sheath to protect both the blade and your fingers when not in use. They've deliberately omitted a wooden top handle to make the rocker more hygienic, as well as dishwasher safe.

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