Carolina Shuckers Hand-Forged Kitchen Tools

By: on May 06, 2015
$25 - $55
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Hand-forged in North Carolina by Kirk Davis or Michael Waller--you'll know which one because his name will be etched into the back of your purchase--Carolina Shuckers repurposes items such as old railroad spikes and equestrian center horseshoes into rugged, gnarly kitchen tools fit for any man who can wield them. (No small task given most of the pieces' hefty high-carbon steel composition).

Online offerings include custom oyster shuckers, cutting knives, bottle openers, and even one very special gift for the grill master. Some examples:

  • Giddyup. A knife repurposed and forged from half a horseshoe.
  • The Carolina Pigtail. An elaborately rustic hook 'er 'n' flip 'er for steaks and other meat. Forged from a single railroad spike.
  • Ole Big Boy. A contemporary, yet ultra-macho take on the oyster knife that doubles as a bottle opener.
  • Mother Shucker. The Carolina boys' original. An oyster knife made from salvaged, high-carbon steel railroad spikes.
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50 Pearl-Laden Oysters

$199 from Amazon »

Simultaneously the most thoughtful and disgusting gift a girl could ever get. Each of these 50 freshwater oysters is guaranteed to have a real, 6mm to 7mm round akoya pearl inside. But here's the catch: uh, the pearls...

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B.A.T. Coin Multi-Tool

$32 from Amazon »

If it looks like a B.A.T. and cuts, opens, ignites, and carries like a B.A.T., it must be a Bring Anywhere Tool. In the case of the B.A.T. Coin multi-tool, one barely bigger than a quarter too....

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NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone

$69.95 - $99.95 from Amazon »

It's conductivity, baby! NerdChef makes their pizza stones out of unbreakable, bead-blasted-and-sanded-smooth steel not to match their abs, but because the material can replicate the conditions you'd typically need a...

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Roo Balls Kangaroo Scrotum Bottle Openers

$29.95 - $32.95 from Roo Balls! »

Want to be a true baller? Then grab that Triple IPA and crack it open with the scrotum of a Red Kangaroo. Or an Eastern Grey. Roo Balls turns (humanely and legally acquired*) castrated kangaroo bits into beer and wine...

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Cthulhu Titanium Bottle Opener

$80 from A. Jacques »

Maybe Alex Jacques' interest in a Cthulhu bottle opener began with his interest in straight razors. The craftsman started out, and continues to forge, what he hopes you'll consider "the finest handmade straight razors...

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Moby Whalers

$145 - $225 from Moby Whalers »

This Moby looks like it wants to chow down on some bottle caps with a quickness. Wonder if the whale's stomach is big enough to hold as many caps as mine is to hold the beers they unleash....

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Tempest Craft Blades & Sculptures

Need a sick rippled machete that embodies the Aztec goddess of obsidian and Lord of the Night? An Indo-Persian war axe? How about just a good ol' pair of ceremonial scissors? Bladesmith Tom Ward forges some of the most...

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Steel Roses

$63.69 from Etsy »

It's cold as balls in Findland, so metalsmith Anssi Routavirta gave up on trying to give his wife roses from the florist, and set to making her the bouquet himself. From steel. His hand-forged results are all freestyle...

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3-in-1 Pitmaster Grill Tool

$25.99 from Amazon »

Myron Mixon is a 4-time BBQ World Champion. His job is to work the BBQ circuit. And judge BBQ competitions. And write books about BBQ. And make tools to make BBQing easier for us mere grilling mortals. Hats off to Myron...

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Army Man Bottle Opener

$4.59 from Amazon »

Happy Cheap Gift for Dad Thursday! Now when's Father's Day again? Not 'til June. Huh. Maybe Pops would like an Army Man Bottle Opener from the Easter Bunny....

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The Beer Peen Hammer

Now you can use your peen to open your beer. I mean, if you couldn't already. Good Beer Hunting has smithed its Beer Peen Hammer in the likeness of an antique ball peen hammer they picked up at an estate sale. Each of...

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The CoCoPen

Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen used to be the best scent on the planet but then they changed the formula and now it just smells like all other sickly sweet girl things that are acceptable only because they are attached to...