Carolina Shuckers Hand-Forged Kitchen Tools

Posted: May 06, 2015
Carolina Shuckers Hand-Forged Kitchen Tools

Hand-forged in North Carolina by Kirk Davis or Michael Waller--you'll know which one because his name will be etched into the back of your purchase--Carolina Shuckers repurposes items such as old railroad spikes and equestrian center horseshoes into rugged, gnarly kitchen tools fit for any man who can wield them. (No small task given most of the pieces' hefty high-carbon steel composition).

Online offerings include custom oyster shuckers, cutting knives, bottle openers, and even one very special gift for the grill master. Some examples:

  • Giddyup. A knife repurposed and forged from half a horseshoe.
  • The Carolina Pigtail. An elaborately rustic hook 'er 'n' flip 'er for steaks and other meat. Forged from a single railroad spike.
  • Ole Big Boy. A contemporary, yet ultra-macho take on the oyster knife that doubles as a bottle opener.
  • Mother Shucker. The Carolina boys' original. An oyster knife made from salvaged, high-carbon steel railroad spikes.
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