Big Chop Wood Cutting Board & Stand

Posted: November 16, 2014
Big Chop Wood Cutting Board & Stand
$128.34 - $179.70
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On the chopping block is right. Even though Danny van Kessel's Big Chop wood cutting boards look pretty tasteful and finely crafted, I have no doubt they'd serve faithfully when you need to hack up a big hunk of meat or take down a motley crew of onions. van Kessel has even added a tablet stand to the back of his boards in case you want to watch Dexter in the process.

Big Chop cutting boards' slightly angled channels keep tablet screens visible and accessible both when following a recipe during cooking prep and streaming a movie while eating breakfast in bed right off the board. Slabs come in a choice of:

  • Holly Oak. Deep, reddish color with tear-shaped grains. Hard and tough, used in many Dutch windmills.
  • Pistachio Wood. Not often used as a base for wooden object, but durable and up to twice as hard as a standard birch cutting board.
  • German Oak. Plain cut from a 150-year-old tree, made of a single, 5cm thick slab.
  • All Big Chop cutting boards are finished with a natural Walnut oil. They measure approximately 16" x 14" x 2".

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