American Skillet Company State Cast Iron Skillets

Posted: March 01, 2018
American Skillet Company State Cast Iron Skillets

Hey, they made a Michigan mitt out of cast iron, pre-seasoned and ready to cook up some biscuits all the way from the Northport pinkie to the Detroit thenar*. There's a little cast iron something for the Texas dudes and ladies too. And the kids raised in the great state of New York. American Skillet Company casts cast iron skillets in the shapes of several American states in their Art of the State cookware series. And if yours isn't represented, there's also a USA-shaped pan fit for all.

Well. All except the 7 billion people not living here.

American Skillet Company's cast iron states have earned kudos from foodie outlets ranging from The Martha Stewart Show to Food & Wine magazine. And now, me.

Come on, you have to admit they're pretty nifty, especially if you need a kitchen gift for your favorite home chef. Those hailing from or living in Texas, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, and Oklahoma can open a cast iron home state. Everyone else can bake Dutch babies and crumbles, and cook some skillet eggs and hash in the 2-cup, 8.25" x 4.75" cast iron USA.

Art of the State cast iron skillets arrive pre-seasoned with organic flax oil. American Skillet Company recommends breaking them in with baked batter recipes, and then moving on to stovetop dishes.

*Apparently, that's the medical term for the fleshy part of your palm below your thumb.

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