Amazingly Accurate Tomato Slicer

Posted: August 17, 2017
Amazingly Accurate Tomato Slicer
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Convince anyone you're an Olympic tomato wrangler with the Arc "Amazingly Accurate" Tomato Slicer! I don't know how often you need to segment out one of the juicy vegeta-fruits, but for me it's...eh, not that often. Maybe once a month when I'm told if I would like a BLT I can put down the Joy-Con Classic, get my stale ass off the couch, and help make it.

And it is at those times that I realize what a giant pain in my stale ass slicing tomatoes is. They slip out from under my knife. They slip my knife off its straight cutting path and end up all jagged or fatter on one end than the other. And they spurt their messy, seed-filled tomato juice everywhere. I don't care how virile you are, tomatoes!

So I can see the benefit of an Arc Tomato Slicer, even if used only once a month.

The slicer's jaws pinch open to accept a whole tomato, and then close gently around its belly. A pair of long, rounded bottom legs with non-slip caps provide a sturdy, unmoving slicing base. The cradling sides of the Arc Slicer look like a comb or ladies' hair clip, and provide your cutting guides - run your knife between them to create a lucky 13 uniform tomato discs for burgers, sandwiches, and caprese salads.

The Arc Tomato Slicer can also help turn your knife-wielding hand into that of a kitchen surgeon's by hugging on an onion, potato, lemon, or lime.

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