Yaasa Adjustable Bed

Posted: December 31, 2018
Yaasa Adjustable Bed
$1,299 - $2,499
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Not one to settle for mail-order mattresses alone, Yaasa has developed the Yaasa Adjustable Bed to accompany their hybrid foam-and-coil snooze cushion. At first glance, this bed looks: 1) like something I would like to have to soothe and sit me upright when I'm so hungover I can hardly roll over on New Year's Day; and 2) Attractively minimalist and stylin' for what is essentially a piece of furniture you'd typically only see in hospitals and your grandma's bedroom.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed comes with a backlit wireless remote that has one-button position changes between Flat, Anti-Snore, and Zero Gravity. There is also a full range of custom adjustment options for you to tweak to elevate your upper and lower body for working and reading, watching TV, or promoting blood circulation.

While Yaasa obviously made their Adjustable Bed for use with the Yaasa Mattress, the frame will support most modern mattresses in sizes Twin XL through King. Yaasa also sells a Split King Adjustable Bed for partners who want to control their adjustments separately.

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