Volcanic Basalt Fiber Hanging Chairs

Posted: December 29, 2014
Volcanic Basalt Fiber Hanging Chairs
$1,918 - $3,517
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Latvian artist Girts Smelters began his volcanic basalt fiber furniture startup about 4 years ago in his country's capitol city of Riga. Today, his wickeresque hanging chairs have found homes everywhere from Google and Mozilla offices to European alpine resorts to the tree in your neighbor's backyard. Called Manu Nests, these jet black cocoons are all handmade from basalt fiber and are suitable for installation both indoors and out. Smelters notes they are lightweight (around 33 pounds for the smaller chair), sturdy (able to swing 485 pounds of children or...swingers), and "damn elegant."

Volcanic basalt fiber is commonly used in the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries due to its inherent heat resistance, durability, lightness, strength, elasticity, and vibration resistance. Basalt itself forms directly from volcanic lava, and is therefore eco-friendly and recyclable. It may also protect from certain types of radiation.

Manu Nests are available in regular and king sizes. Dimensions are 64" tall x 49" wide x 31" deep and 75" high x 83" wide x 43" deep respectively.

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