Trojan Hidden Dining Set

Posted: April 18, 2017
Trojan Hidden Dining Set

Lift up the Trojan console's skirt and find--surprise!--4 baby Trojan chairs. All ready to pop out at a speed inversely proportional to April the giraffe's calf, and set up alongside the expandable table's foldout leaves to turn it from keys-and-wallet receptacle to full-on grub hub.

Maker Expand Furniture lists the Trojan Hidden Dining Set as just one of its many pieces of "space conscious furnishings." They don't come cheap, but they do come compact, with the console here taking up just 15.75" in width when closed. Fully open, it grows to 63.25" wide, large enough to accommodate 6 people (though only 4 Nano chairs are included folded and tucked into the cabinet underneath the tabletop.)

The Trojan has wheels on one end of its base for easy moving an repositioning. You also have the option of open just one of its leaves when you're having a romantic dinner for 2, or an even more romantic dinner for 1 plus fifi.

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