The Great Grey Shark Chair

Posted: January 22, 2019
The Great Grey Shark Chair
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The Great Grey Shark Chair, now that's what I'd call a fantastic beast. As for where to find them, well, it's going to be much easier than tracking down a niffler or a bowtruckle. Just head over to the Reroom UK shop on Etsy, and find the Great Grey Shark there ready to take a bite out of your kid's room...or GAM's* room...decor.

Warning: The Great Grey Shark Chair will also take a good-sized bite out of your wallet.

The handmade shark chair is built with a beech and birch wood frame, stuffed with foam, and covered in suede-feel polyester upholstery with leather detailing for the Great Grey's eyes, teeth, and gills. The fish cushions, appropriately swimming by the shark's gaping piehole, are included with purchase.

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