The Don Vino Wine Table

By: on June 02, 2017
$3,500 - $5k
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I'm crowning the Don Vino Wine Table "The Godfather of Wine Storage." Not just because creator Chicone Cabinetmakers has given it the Italian Don honor, but also because it is a unique, classy, and dually functional piece of furniture. The table deserves some Don respect.

Though the Don Vino Wine Table won't keep your wine at a cellar-comparable 55 degrees like the Sommi wine wardrobe, it's right fetching option for stashing inexpensive bottles, bottles you've bought or brought out for a dinner party, or even empty bottles with cool labels.

Chicone Cabinetmakers took inspiration for the Don Vino Wine Table from the oak barrels lined up in winery cellars and tasting rooms. They build a 21" tall x 33-1/4" in diameter coffee table, as well as a 36" tall x 33-1/4" in diameter bistro table. Both hold up to 16 bottles of wine, and can be carved from oak, cherry, maple, walnut, or an exotic hardwood.

All Don Vino Wine Tables are custom built by hand, and tailored to individual tastes.