Suzak Indoor/Outdoor Lounger

By: on January 10, 2013
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With only 6 days remaining in its Kickstarter campaign, and less than 25% of its $25,000 funding goal achieved, it doesn't seem that the Suzak chair will find success in its run for public funding, but I hope creators Jose Manuel Carvajal and Daniel Aristizabal of Colombia-based QSTO have a backup plan for the indoor/outdoor lounger's production. The Suzak, in addition to sporting a contemporary-cool geometric design that looks like some of the shapes I see in my recurring nightmare about 12th grade calculus, also stands out from other bearers of butt and back comfort for the following reasons:

  • The Suzak's spandex-like mesh bends and adapts to the sitter's body, accommodating multiple seated positions. This comes in handy particularly when, after a single position is held too long, arms and butt cheeks start falling asleep.
  • Though it can serve as a patio or lawn chair--and resists absorbing heat even in direct sunlight--the Suzak does not look out of place (i.e., ugly) indoors, in living rooms, game rooms, or offices.
  • Not that you should beat or body slam it during athletic events that don't go your way, but this lounger is made to last. It has a high-caliber steel frame, heavy-duty elastic fabric covering, and shock cord stabilizers that are used in nautical sports.
  • It is fully customizable, with 6 color options for each of its 3 elements (frame, fabric cover, and shock cords).
  • The Suzak is a healthy chair in that its breathable fabric cover dissuades the concentration of dust mites and allergens that normally live in the fabric and foam of traditional upholstered chairs. Uh, that's gross. About regular chairs I mean. I hate microbial things. I hate all those TLC shows and 60 Minutes specials about the tiny organisms living on my refrigerator door handle and inside my armpits. I don't need more things to perpetuate my already acute paranoia.
  • It transports as easy as a 6-pack in a flat box, and takes only 4 steps, equating to around 4 minutes, to assemble.

Once the Suzak Kickstarter project ends on January 16, 2013, interested parties can follow its progress on QSTO's Website.

November 2013 Update: Suzak funding was unsuccessful, but its creators are still pushing forward with producing it for the public. Follow the link below to the QSTO Website for further information.

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