RoboChair - Folding Chair & Wall Art

By: on July 05, 2012
RoboChair - Folding Chair & Wall Art

With so many complex robots out there designed to perform intricate tasks, do our work for us, or destroy the world, how refreshing to find RoboChair, who wants to do only two things: look nifty hanging from our walls; and provide a resting place for our asses. On the ground RoboChair serves as a standard, albeit exponentially cooler, folding chair. But when not in use, instead of looking unspecial in every way and sucking up space in the closet, he folds into a full-length friendly robot who doubles as home decor either propped up against, or hanging from a wall.

RoboChair is a mere 1 3/8" thick, and made from Baltic Birch. He's the brainchild of Brad Benke, an architecture student in Fargo North Dakota, who hopes to help fund RoboChair production through Kickstarter. The project runs through July 27, 2012, with a base funding level of $175 for those who would like their own RoboChair. At this point, all are made entirely by hand, and completely assembled before delivery. Chair measurements are 53 1/2" tall x 24" wide. To hang RoboChair from the wall, a simple mounting bracket is required.

November 2013 Update: RoboChair did not reach its crowdfunding goal, and, a present, does not appear to be in production for public sale.