Podtime Sleeping Pods

By: on July 30, 2012
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When I look at Podtime's new collapsible Sleeping Pod, an extra cozy 3.9' wide x 6.9' long personal retreat and slumbering space for college students, or anyone else on a crusade to find efficient luxury, exactly two words come to mind: Cosmo Kramer. According to their vendor, Podtimes are already "hugely popular in places with dense populations and limited space." Which is a euphemism for "the entire continent of Asia, where most of the population--7-foot anomalies who play professional basketball aside--can sleep in the dresser drawers of a New York City apartment." Kramer's probably having a conniption seeing the Brits capitalize on what should have been his design, his fortune. It's beach-scented cologne, the Mansiere, The Real Peterman Reality Bus Tour, and homeless rickshaw services all over again.

For the rest of us members of the general public, I'm not exactly sure how the Podtime fits into our lives. Its slick, essentially indestructible polycarbonate tube, cush mattress, and pimp-out interior options make it fairly cool for frat houses and college crash pads with four times more 18- to 22-year-olds than bedrooms, but it's not exactly cheap, and not exactly backpack friendly for camping or hostel hopping. I guess true entrepreneurs living in metropolitan areas could invest in a set, stack 'em up, and start renting beds to tourists or people too drunk to drive home on Saturday nights. And households with unruly teenagers sharing a room might consider a set of sleeping pods a few grand well spent to give the kids their own sanctuary, and the adults a modicum of sanity.

Podtime Sleeping Pods arrive in the buyer's choice of several color schemes, and are fitted with heavy-duty frosted doors, a built-in storage shelf and rack, a mirror, LED interior lighting, and electrical power points. Customization options include the addition of a secure luggage compartment, TV and DVD player, leather-covered mattress, and digital radio and alarm clock. Shipping isn't included in the list price, and sleeping pods weigh around 220 pounds, so keep that in mind when considering what brown can do for you.

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iNyx - Self-Contained-Bedroom Bed

$9,999 from iNyx »

January 2017 Update: iNyx has now developed its own website. At printing, the online ordering system linked to an iNyx IndieGoGo crowdfunding page here....

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Ecocapsule Portable House

When the item in question is a house, how do you define "portable"? For me it was always the train car-looking mobile home my grandma's cousin Ella Mae used to live in that could be dragged from city to city in Florida...

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Zerobody Anti-Gravity Bed

The Zerobody is a sensory deprivation float tank that removes the one major P in the A side effect of floating: getting wet. (True, drowning is kind of a pain too, but most of these tanks have only about a foot of water...

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Smartduvet Breeze Heat & Cool Self-Making Bed

$199 from Smartduvet »

The Smartduvet self-making bed - no, really. The bed makes itself. Just watch. And that's old news. Smartduvet is now launching a next generation of their smart bedding, the Breeze, that adds dual-zone climate control...

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The Bird's Nest Bed

The Bird's Nest Bed can accommodate up to 16 people at once. Take note swingers, Mormons, women undergoing IVF treatments, and the Duggar family! The giant basin of comfort was brainstormed and brought to life by O*GE...

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The Harambed

It's called The Harambed. Lucid Mattress says it's the bed of your memes. And I know if you've been meming at all over the past year, you've been meming about Harambe, haven't you? Well put on your PJs and snuggle in...

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HiCan - The Never Leave Your Bed Bed

$55k from hi can »

Italian in both slick aesthetics and siesta-time concept, I exaggerate not when I say the HiCan high fidelity canopy bed will persuade its occupants never to leave its ultra-modern, four-poster confines. HiCan designer...

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Jet Beds

Oh boy. The magic of the sky meets the magic of where the magic happens. MotoArt, a group of daring-with-a-touch-of-devious mile-high artists, recycles old jet parts into exclusive, flashy pieces of furniture and home...

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King Bed with Doggie Insert


Jason Barton made a king bed with enough room for the King of the Bed. Which means you'll be sleeping on a cut piece of memory foam stuck in the 23" insert tacked onto its side....

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Lucid Dreaming Mask

Sold Out from Amazon »

The philosophy and science behind the Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask makes the most sense to the highly intelligent, the highly self-actualized, and the highly high. For the rest of us, watching the accompanying video is probably...

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The Purple Bed

$699 - $1,299 from Amazon »

I hope this Purple Bed isn't a People Eater disguised as a mattress. Because it sounds too good to be true. Both soft and firm in all the right spots. Temperature neutral, so it won't absorb heat and make you cold, or...

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Privacy Pop Bed Tent

$104.99 - $149.99 from Amazon »

It's about that time of year. The time that anyone with a new roommate starts to assess exactly how he or she feels about said roommate. Best bud, mortal enemy, tolerable nuisance, unfortunate insertion into the human...