Pig Cabinet

Posted: September 13, 2016
Pig Cabinet
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I just saw that pig eat 25 comic books, 11 old Cosmos, 7 random cables, 5 remote controls, a coupla IKEA catalogues, a stack of coasters, and an old Xbox console. What a porker!

This wooden pig cabinet by Seletti is built like a shipping crate and scaled to the size of an actual pig! In addition to the general shipping container aesthetic of raw, unfinished wood panels and framing, the cabinet also includes adorable warning labels indicting "This side up" and "Handle with care." Interior shelves and slotted legs provide a whole hog's worth of storage, and the flat back surface makes the cabinet suitable for use as a console or sofa table.

I guess I should mention the real, full name of the pig cabinet is the Pig Sending Animals Wooden Furniture. I didn't bring it up before because it's the worst name I've ever heard for a pig cabinet.

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