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Moon Chaise Lounge

$266 from Love the Design »

Huh. The Moon chaise lounge kind of looks like another swell piece of furniture, the Liberator Wedge. But not enough that you couldn't set it out on display in your living room and use it as, like, an actual chair or...

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Rotating Pie Chart Coffee Table

$1,600 from Polit »

A table that looks like a pie chart isn't as good as a table that looks like a pie, but at least with Goncalo Campos' 4 Times coffee table I can hide my mama's O magazines and rosehip & baby's butt pot pourri when my...

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Occam Coffee-to-Dining Table

I like that Occam guy. He invented the razor. Not the kind you shave with, the kind Matthew McConaughey used to convince Jodie Foster that she didn't jettison light years away in a space capsule to commune with aliens....

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Haunt Furniture Luxe Bed

$2,400 - $3k from Haunt Furniture »

They call me Dracoola for my mystical aura, my brooding allure, and my fine taste in modern gothic furniture. Would you like a tour of my faux leather Luxe king bed in matte black finish, ma'am?...

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Life-Size Furniture Erector Set

Now that you've mastered the crane erector set, how about using these life-size assembly parts, plus whatever imagination and elbow grease you can muster up, to craft yourself a table to display it on? French company...

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Volcanic Basalt Fiber Hanging Chairs

$1,918 - $3,517 from Etsy »

Latvian artist Girts Smelters began his volcanic basalt fiber furniture startup about 4 years ago in his country's capitol city of Riga. Today, his wickeresque hanging chairs have found homes everywhere from Google and...

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Mr. Knox Wooden Safe

$1,250 from Stephan Siepermann »

Muahahaha, Mama! You'll never be able to steal my Bailey's Irish Cream again once I hide it within the impenetrable walls of the Mr. Knox wooden safe!...

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The Ridge Slim Front Pocket Wallets

$45 - $105 from The Ridge »

Don't let overstuffed, bulging bi-folds infiltrate your pockets! Fight the Costanza Effect! Get on the Ridge! The Ridge slim front pocket wallets highlight 2 EDC must-haves, simplicity and compactness, across a line of...

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Serenity Pod Bed


My friend Victor showed me this Serenity Pod. Actually he showed me the ones meant for dogs and cats, but I was like, Victor. Why would I spend one thousand dollars to give my pet a world of serenity and slumber when...

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DIY Hidden Door Hinge System

$139.95 from Amazon »

Ooh, a hidden door to a boudoir of lingerie and sex toys? Maybe pretending to be interested in books wasn't the worst, most boring mistake I ever made to get a girl to like me after all. Yeah, babe, I do see your first...

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Kneeling Dragon Table

$378.08 from Amazon »

Not only is this dragon holding my beer and taquitos for me, he's kneeling in supplication while doing it! How pathetic. Come on, Puff, Jackie Paper's not coming back. It's time to start rebuilding your manhood. See if...

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The Skull Chair

$450 from Etsy »

This isn't the first time we've seen a sweet skull chair (nor the first time we've seen a sweet seat from Chic Sin Design). But this sweet Skull Chair is unique both in its operation and construction....

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Cacoon Hanging Nest

$340 - $500 from Amazon »

Nick and Sarah, husband and wife and owners of hang-in-out LLP conceived their Cacoon hanging nests while traipsing through a Mexican jungle. They saw a colony of Weaver birds chilling in their homemade bolt-holes and...

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Supersize Bed

Cecilia Carey (set and costume designer) and Harry Parr ("architectural foodsmith") obviously got pregnant and high respectively and were like, "What would be the best thing ever right now?" Their conclusion, reached...

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Wall-Mounted Standing Desk

They say sitting is the new smoking. Matt Gereghty, for one, agrees. And when the occupational therapist and self-proclaimed ergonomics preacher created this Wall-Mounted Standing Desk he distinguished himself from most...

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Fusiontables - Dining/Pool Tables

Game and grub. Grub and game. Thanks to Fusiontables, your mechanism for doing so is now one in the same. Designers and engineers at Belgian company Saluc have created these hybrid pool-dining tables to conserve space...

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Stumble Upon Carpet Edge Table

Alessandro Isola made a carpet table. Like, he took what happens when some klutz or foot shuffler catches his toe on a rug and flips up its edge stumbling forward, and he sculpted that edge into a coffee table. And then...

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The Abyss Table

$9,960 from Duffy London »

I don't know if falling onto Duffy London's forthcoming oceanic cross-section coffee table will send you into The Abyss, but I can almost guarantee running into it will stub all of your toes and bloody your entire leg...

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Elevator Bed

This electric Murphy bed hides in the ceiling. It descends as if from the heavens when your hour of slumber arrives. And each time it bears a new gift: silk pajamas; fine Scotch; Sean Penn's daughter. Or that's what would...

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The Casper Hug & Bounce Mattress

$500 - $950 from Casper »

Casper believes the main selling point of their mattress is its ability to both hug and contour and resist and bounce, thereby making sex on top of it 1,000 times better. At least that's the outcome I'm hoping for. Better...

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Rustic Porch Swing Bed

$1,199 - $1,699 from Etsy »

Even if I weren't the Laziest Man Alive I could get down with a king-size mattress hoisted atop a solid wood porch swing bed. Swaying supine in the June breeze, dozing and drooling, sipping 7 & 7 Big Gulps...ahhh, it's...

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Abacus Chair


"Dare to adorn your suit with flowers and then laugh all summer!" I'm not sure what that piece of advice has to do with an abacus chair...or that listening to it won't get you beat up immediately...but it stands as Ieva...

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Transforming Coffee Table

$1,310 from Duffy London »

If I ever happen to move out of my mama's house, I doubt it will be into anything larger than a 400-square-foot studio apartment, so this transforming coffee-to-dining table from Duffy London would be the perfect addition...

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Castle Murphy Bed

$4,500 from Etsy »

If I could ever afford to spend thousands of dollars on a custom-built castle whose drawbridge doubles as a Murphy bed, do you think I would buy it for my kid? Absolutely not. Partly because that fantastical fortress...

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Giant Bean Bag Sofa

$220.05 from Amazon »

Appropriately, this giant, 7' bean bag sofa is called the Fuf. In honor of all the people who are going to Fuf on it. In comfort, no less. The Fuf replaces the traditional foam balls of 1970s bean bag creations with patented...

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Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

$950 from Jellio »

To quote Freddie Mercury, "Is this real life? Or is it just fantasy?" Let's see...well, according to the $950 subtotal in my Jellio shopping cart, it is real life. Oh boy! Real life now has furniture that looks like ice...

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Skull Armchair

By: Harow »

Another supervillain yahtzee! This black skull armchair was the one prop missing from my master plan to raise an army of babies and eliminate all cats and bike lanes from my township! The only downside is that it does...

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Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa

$51.31 from Amazon »

Oh man, talk about livin' large on the cheap. I think I just found my second favorite application of the term bouncy, bouncy. Intex has fitted its inflatable pull-out sofa with a 76", queen-sized width, a set of cushions...

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Bodice Rocker - Pop-Up Lounger

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down, and Bodice Rockers fall down but they get right back up and stand just as tall as they did before. So I guess they're more similar to Rocky Balboa than Weebles. But they're not...

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Float Levitating Table

$10k - $20k from Rock Paper Robot »

Oh holy balls, it's a Rubik's Cube with the structural integrity of a marshmallow. In laymen's terms. In technical terms, the Float table is "a matrix of 'magnetized' wooden cubes that levitate with respect to one another."...

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DNA Bookcase

It's the double helix of your literary life. And remember, there's a 50/50 chance its contents will get passed down to your kids, so maybe try filling it with something other than comic books, porn, and smooth jazz, 'ey?...

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Buckel Up Belted Futon/Chair

Sold Out from Amazon »

Guess what happens when the Buckel Up's belt comes off. Well, I'll tell you this much: it's somewhere between as awesome as gettin' it on and as awful as gettin' it thrashed across your backside. (Note: for the masochists...

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Octopus Couch

$71,633 from Switch Modern »

Really this couch is called the Aster Papposus Sofa, but who knows what the hell an aster papposus is? I can't even pronounce those words together, and have just resorted to reading them as Snuffleupagus. To whom the...

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Le Beanock - Bean Bag Hammock

$316.68 - $641.48 from Le Beanock »

I wholeheartedly support Le Beanock, and any installation whose defining attributes are comfort, relaxation, the eschewal of productivity, and swinging to and fro in a way reminiscent of my infancy, when I snoozed in...

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VW Camper Bunk Bed

$1,250 - $3,125 from Fun Furniture Collection »

Just in time for you to go to Burning Man and your offspring to stay home with a DIY heap of plywood and PDF instructions as a consolation prize: The VW Camper Bunk Bed! Its double stack of single mattress frames come...

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Rocker Cradle

$15k from Scott Morrison »

Since wood craftsman Scott Morrison both takes pride in the quality of his work and operates as a one-man show, his design award-winning Rocker Cradle will be cost prohibitive for the vast majority of its admirers. However...

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Arcade & PC Coffee Tables

$3,065 - $6,131 from Surface Tension »

Previously we witnessed the introduction of fine craftsman furniture to the old school Nintendo controller. Now we see tastefully worked walnut and oak incorporated into full-on coffee table arcades and PCs. Surface Tension...

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Strung Stool


In terms of my skills with a drill, a hammer, a screwdriver, or any item commonly found in the toolboxes of men who own toolboxes, I'd describe myself as a hit or miss. But leaning more towards miss. With resultant blood...

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Portal Couch


One thing I do every night is fall asleep on my couch watching TV. Usually I wake up around 1:30 a.m. and consider the option of relocating to my bed, but I think the last time I actually did this was November of 2010....

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Viking Hammock

The Viking Hammock is one of many pieces of furniture Norse gods and warriors use to bed their wenches. They manage pretty well with it because the Scandinavians are a seafaring people and therefore not prone to motion...

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Steampunk Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

$3k from Etsy »

The steampunk Nintendo controller coffee table isn't fully-functional like other versions of Charles Lushear's take on the iconic gaming system, but on the bright side, this means it is less likely to get broken during...

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Transformable Table

$2,460 from The D* Haus »

Taking a page out of Prince's book during Prince's Unpronounceable Symbolic Moniker years, this transformable coffee table calls itself D*. D'Asterisk? Dusterisk? Well if you rotate it 90 degrees clockwise it kind of...

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Batman Tables

The glass-half-full perspective would admire and appreciate Charles Lushear's new collection of Batman tables as the tasteful approach to geekery that they are. The glass-half-empty perspective would hiss and gripe at...

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Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag

$275 from Etsy »

Although this grizzly bear won't tote you around on his back and serve as your mystical forest companion, chances are he also won't eat you when you plop down on or dive bomb him while he slumbers. Because this is a Big...

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Robot Bookshelf

$1,649 from Switch Modern »

Kids, geeks, and lonely female cyborgs, I believe this robot bookshelf may pique your interest. Though not fitted with any mechanical parts, ATLAS still manages to demonstrate respectable robot handiness and wisdom with...

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Chameleon Lounger

$5,500 from Opulent Items »

Check out the Optimus Prime of seating designs. Though slightly less cool than the balls lounger, Francesca Donati's chameleon lounger still looks way more comfortable and relaxing than my hangover. Whoa, non sequitur....

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Fiddle Rocker


Thomas Orner turned the best musical instrument ever into the best pastime ever: Fiddle, meet Sitting in a Rocking Chair. The Fiddle Rocker No.3 (which both indicates predecessors No. 1 and No. 2 and falls in line with...

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Sleeping Bag Sofa

I've slept on my sofa for the past 2-1/2 years. I've even slept in my sleeping bag on my sofa. But until now the two were not a happy combination, as the outsides of sleeping bags are slippery, and the heights of sofas...