Overbed Work Desk & Table

Posted: September 09, 2016
Overbed Work Desk & Table
$84.99 - $94.99
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Awww, too sick to get out of bed? Better call the office and tell them you won't be in...but you'll be online in 5 thanks to your sweet little double-wide (or queen, or king--it's adjustable!) workstation on wheels, the Overbed Desk & Table.

Whether you're nursing an injury, a hangover, or just a whole bunch of lazy bones, an Overbed computing cart will help you complete your professional duties reclined comfortably on your mattress just as you would stuffed into your el cheapo IKEA chair at work. And, yep, that means you'll be able to waste time surfing the web and checking in on your favorite Insta accounts much more cozily than you would from desk 6N-342 too.

The Overbed table adjust in both width and height: from a twin (39.75") to a California king (72.84") wide; and from 21.6" to 33" tall. The desk surface is wood bolted to a steel frame. Both come in a choice of colors. In addition to hard core computing and social media schmoozing, the Overbed Table can also be used to watch movies in bed on your laptop or, if you're my girlfriend, to surprise your boyfriend with chicken & waffles in bed this Sunday at 11. No, make that noon.

One o'clock. Just to be safe.

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