Octopus Couch

By: on August 27, 2013
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Really this couch is called the Aster Papposus Sofa, but who knows what the hell an aster papposus is? I can't even pronounce those words together, and have just resorted to reading them as Snuffleupagus. To whom the couch also bears a vague resemblance. So that's the first thing. I gave it a new name. I selected Octopus Couch because it appears to have 8 tentacle-y arms cascading from its spherical center.

The second thing is that it was designed by the Campana Brothers, and those guys must be some HOT. SHITS. because Octo Sofa here costs over $70,000. That's even more than the Fletcher Capstan expandable table, which at least does hypnotic geometrical tricks to earn its price tag. And even it ranks as way overvalued according to Dude reader Difdi, who is responsible for one of my favorite product comments ever: For $70,000 I'd expect it to transform into Optimus Prime, not just get bigger. Agreed. In the same vein, in exchange for my next 5 years of allowance Aster Papposus better be able to come to life as the Kraken and do my bidding for me. On my command, not just when no one else is looking like Kim Cattrall did for Andrew McCarthy in Mannequin.

Aster Papposus is made of two identical polyurethane and feather-filled pieces fitted together to form the couch before us. The manufacturer states that it is amazingly comfortable, with no rigid frame, and if the third photo above with that lady lying all naked and sprawled across it is any indication, I would say that statement is accurate.

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Cloud Levitating Sofa

Though only a concept product--and one that debuted a few years ago--the Cloud Levitating Sofa remains maybe the coolest idea for and aesthetic execution of a couch ever. So I was thinking maybe one of you entrepreneurial...

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Chill Sack 8-Foot Bean Bag Chair

$366.29 from Amazon »

They call it the Chill Sack only to avoid the lawyers' C&D letter or profit-sharing demands from a major corporation. But you can go ahead and call this giant 8-foot bean bag chair built for two (or three!) like it is:...

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Arcade Sofa

By: Harow »

1991 brought Street Fighter II. 2017 brings the Street Fighter II Arcade Sofa. Relive your 90s glory playing the game...and then maybe get a different type of game on...on it....

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Boa Sofa

$38,855 - $62,164 from Switch Modern »

And you thought you'd never find the perfect gift for Medusa and Voldemort. The Boa Sofa was designed by brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, and I just wonder what this snaky, sultry joint venture says about their...

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Steampunk Octopus Door Handles

$700 from Etsy »

If Tolkien went steampunk, these giant octopus door handles would make the perfect substitute for a wizard wielding a sword and staff. Kraken says, You shall not pass!...

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Sleeping Bag Sofa

I've slept on my sofa for the past 2-1/2 years. I've even slept in my sleeping bag on my sofa. But until now the two were not a happy combination, as the outsides of sleeping bags are slippery, and the heights of sofas...

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Convertible Bean Bag Chair Bed

$425 from Amazon »

A full-size bed that pulls out of a bean bag chair: sweet. A full-size bed you have to stuff back inside a bean bag chair when you're done with it: hope you didn't have plans this weekend. I'd rather carry a couch 5 blocks...

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Octopus Shower Caddy

$32.95 from Amazon »

The Octopus Shower Caddy is for all of us and for everywhere. Kids and adults, dorms and McMansion master baths, those whose homes are already filled with cephalopods, and those still bereft of a single one. Look at this...

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Octopus Kite

$48.90 from Amazon »

I don't think the giant 3D Octopus Kite that's for sale is quite the same as the giant 3D Octopus Kite flying in the above video. But maybe your kids won't notice that when, after showing them the graceful cephalopod...

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Painted Furniture

$2,499 - $3,499 from GNR 8 »

Whoa. That chick just sat in a painting. Can we do that now? How about comics? Is it going to be like Cool World soon? Tokyo-based design studio YOY developed this series of wicked optical illusions whose true nature...

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The Animal Chair Collection

The Animal Chair collection constitutes a diverse range of species, from mammals to reptiles, and even including insects. Each creation retains the animal's natural vitality whilst being totally biological accurate in...

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Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress & Sofa Bed

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Do you ever just get the feeling some mornings that your wife or girlfriend isn't going to welcome you into bed that night? Like, say, when the night that happens to have had St. Patrick's Day and the kickoff of March...