Occam Coffee-to-Dining Table

Posted: April 02, 2015
Occam Coffee-to-Dining Table

I like that Occam guy. He invented the razor. Not the kind you shave with, the kind Matthew McConaughey used to convince Jodie Foster that she didn't jettison light years away in a space capsule to commune with aliens. Here Expand Furniture has Occam's razor, the principle that the simplest solution or explanation is probably the best, to a coffee table. A coffee table from which I can eat the baked mostacholi my mama is going to make me for dinner tonight without jacking up my back from hunching over or dropping globs of marinara sauce on my crotch.

The Occam coffee-to-dining table may get frowns from stuck up finger-waggers who say I shouldn't eat in front of the TV or dine while computing, but eating, watching TV, and computing are 3 of the 4 things that bring me great joy in life, so why shouldn't I do them together if I want? When closed, the table stands just over 16" tall, a perfect pedestal for my controllers and feet. And when it's time for a drink, a snack, or the composition of some serious love emails to She-Ra: Princess of Power, Occam has a pair of lift tops that raise to lap level.

In addition to people who just spend a lot of time on the couch, the Occam makes a swell solution for people living in small spaces that can't accommodate a full-sizing dining table. Lifting its tray lids also reveals interior storage space for kitchen wares or living room loose ends. The table is finished in a high gloss white paint and has detachable chrome legs. It measures 47" wide x 23-1/2" deep. Table tops lift an additional 21-1/2" to reach lap height.

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