MANET French Fry Easy Chair

Posted: May 24, 2017
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MANET says, "Sitting can be playful," which is all the reason I need to buy one of their order-o'-fries-looking Easy Chairs. To prove to my girlfriend that I'm not just lounging around on my ass, I'm being playful.

Though speaking of ass and playful, how playful are those protruding French fries going to be with my ass when I do a butt flop on the MANET? They're soft and give way easily, right? Nothing like this?

MANET designers, Best Before 2065, compare relaxing in their chair to receiving a soft embrace and hanging in a meadow. You can sit upright with a laptop propped on one of the lounger's stems, or lie back and take a snooze. The pillowy stems are also individually removable.

Easy Chairs are made in Italy from and MDF box covered in soft vinyl fabric, the latter available in your choice of several different colors.

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