Magnetic Field Stools

By: on January 10, 2012
Magnetic Field Stools
$886 - $1,271
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Dutch designer Jolan van der Wiel not only created these Fraggle-Rock-meets-Super-Mario-Brothers-meets-Gotham-City hybrids, he also created the simple wood-framed machine used to forge them. Summoning the forces of gravity and magnets, van der Wiel places a secret sauce of liquid plastic compounds and iron fillings into a magnet-lined bowl, and then watches as 15 additional magnets attract the mixture, drawing it upward, and allowing nature to take shape. Resultant stools are exact replicas of the magnetic pull. They're van der Wiel's way of giving an otherwise invisible field opacity, structure, tangible beauty, and an organic birth. Kind of like when the rest of us use witchcraft to manifest the ghosts haunting our furnace rooms.

For commissions and specific price inquiries, contact van der Wiel at info@jolanvanderwiel.com.