Life-Size Furniture Erector Set

Posted: February 13, 2015
Life-Size Furniture Erector Set

Now that you've mastered the crane erector set, how about using these life-size assembly parts, plus whatever imagination and elbow grease you can muster up, to craft yourself a table to display it on? French company Meccano Home has developed a sweet DIY furniture concept based on the joys of childhood and our drive to build stuff. To our exact specifications. In the precise color combinations we want. With the option of changing our minds and transforming a desk and chair into a coffee table and storage cube at any time.

Meccano Home manufactures 20 different modules for self-assembly into anything from tables and chairs to buffets and shelving units. Modules are sold either individually or as a set for constructing specific piece of furniture (expect to spend around $225 to $400 for enough parts to build a complete installation) and typically come in 9 different colors. If bought separately, each module can serve multiple functions, and Meccano's assembly process is based on a simple single nut and bolt system. That means the leg of a chair can also be used as the leg of a coffee table, stool, or TV bench.

Meccano Home seeks to provide furniture that evolves not only with the whims of its owners, but also their physical living requirements. Did you move into a place whose room dimensions no longer suit your dining table? Break down your existing Meccano gathering spot and redesign it to fit the new space.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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