Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa

Posted: October 31, 2013
Inflatable Pull-Out Sofa
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Oh man, talk about livin' large on the cheap. I think I just found my second favorite application of the term bouncy, bouncy. Intex has fitted its inflatable pull-out sofa with a 76", queen-sized width, a set of cushions that extend to triple its 28" depth for impromptu peaceful slumbering...or passing out drunk...or booty calling time, and (drumroll, please) TWO CUPHOLDERS!

Whether an impulse buy for unexpected visitors who need a place to crash, or an informed purchase made in preparation for friends and family in town for the holidays, you really can't go wrong with an inflatable sofabed. According to Intex it is even suitable for outdoor use, which is exactly where I'll set up my friend Cornelius once he starts foaming cranberry sauce and Cornflake-topped cheesy potatoes at the moth post-Thanksgiving dinner gorging.

Unless he decides to eat turkey sculpted from twigs and berries with almond milk gravy this year to appease his new girlfriend. In that case maybe the two of them can rig the couch's pull-out cushions into a little table and just spend the whole day together in the back yard.

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