Helix Personalized Mattresses

Posted: October 06, 2015
Helix Personalized Mattresses
$600 - $995
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I hope Helix works because a personalized, custom-made mattress is a pretty damn good idea. Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number levels of pretty damn good idea, but even better because Helix costs $1,000 to $2,000 less than those kings of bedtime comfort. Like both of them, Helix is designed to mold to your unique anatomy and align your spine for improved REM sleep efficiency and overall sleep quality, plus reduced neck and back pain. And like the Sleep Number mattress, Helix has the option of building a split or blended mattress for couples so each person's side of the bed is tailored to his or her own ideal snoozing conditions. But Helix says they manage to stay in the thousand-dollar-or-less range by streamlining their production and sales process: no extra steps, no extra markups, and the company sells directly to their customers online.

Yes, online. Meaning you don't get to head to the showroom for an awkward 5-minute trial run of the Helix as a sales rep hovers over you waxing poetic about its features. But, the Helix online store does walk buyers through a 2- to 3-minute questionnaire to determine how they'll customize your mattress, and once it ships you'll have 100 days to test it out at home. If you don't like it, send it back for a full refund (shipping to you is free; if you decide to return the mattress, Helix will send someone out to pack it up and haul it away.)

Helix mattresses are personalized and custom-made based on questionnaire responses to height, weight, sleeping style, and firmness preferences. Helix's proprietary technology, based on sleep research and 3D human body modeling, then produces specs for optimized mattresses based on these 4 metrics:

  • Feel: Plush to Firm.
  • Support: Light to Strong.
  • Temperature Regulation: Mild to Cool.
  • Point Elasticity: Low to High.

Helix mattresses are 10" thick. Materials include different densities and thicknesses of latex, microcoils, and foam, layered in varying order to achieve the specified combination of the above metrics.

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