Floppy Disk Table

Posted: November 30, 2012
Floppy Disk Table

Cool: A hot-rolled and stainless steel table fashioned to look like a floppy disk. Cooler: The metal guard plate on it slides back to reveal a secret storage space. Holy crap. I am nearing giddiness watching the GIF on its constant loop. Bloop! Remote control. Bloop! Solid surface. Sickness! In addition to its Bond-like compartment, the floppy disk table's special snowflake qualities include hand-forging and a lasered serial number unique to each one that is custom-produced.

Not that most people wouldn't rearrange their entire living room to accommodate it, but for planning purposes the Floppy Disk table measures 27.56" wide x 25.59" high x 17.72" deep. And even though it costs about 30 times more, I think I'm going to swap out the Floppy Disk Coasters on my list to Santa (Mama) this year in favor of the Floppy Disk Table. Then again, if I got them both, I could put the coasters in the table. I could store them in the secret space. Aw man, I would so be the mack.

You hear that, Mama? What's a little over $1,000 when the return is your son being the mack?

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