Fiddle Rocker

By: on February 13, 2013

Thomas Orner turned the best musical instrument ever into the best pastime ever: Fiddle, meet Sitting in a Rocking Chair. The Fiddle Rocker No.3 (which both indicates predecessors No. 1 and No. 2 and falls in line with fancy musicians' obsession with No.-ing all their compositions) exists as a single masterpiece. The financially stable stringed instrument fanatic who buys this rocking chair will be the sole owner of anything like it. Well, except for the two likeminded owners of Fiddle Rockers No. 1 and No. 2.

So I don't really know what the difference between a fiddle and a violin is, except that one sounds rad and the other puts me to sleep, but Orner's description of the chair uses the two words interchangeably so maybe they're the same thing. Anyway, the Fiddle Rocker displays great loyalty to the tradition of violin making, and is even made of the same wood species as the instrument that brought us either "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" or "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" or both. The rocker's spruce back is a perfectly scaled version of the top of a violin, replete with F holes, ebony inlay, and top piece carving. Maple and ebony woods comprise its arms, and represent the neck, finger board, and scroll of a violin. Fiddle Rocker butt support comes in the form of a maple seat, or very large version of the instrument's bridge. Orner notes that the cutaways, which do look really uncomfortable, are hardly noticeable during rocker use. As a final flourish, the chair also includes a tuning peg within the cross members underneath its seat.

Every aspect of Fiddle Rocker No. 3 was handmade, hand carved, and hand rubbed in oil urethane or polyurethane finishes.

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World's Smallest Violin

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This is the world's smallest violin, and I'm gonna play it just for you...whiners! So many whiners! At work. On the road. At the checkout line. In my inbox. And the biggest one of all: right there in my bathroom mirror....

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Rebel Bass Guitar

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Populele Smart Ukulele

$179 - $229 from Popuband »

You can uke it put your app into it. The Populele calls itself the world's first smart ukulele, and while I'm not sure anyone is going to rush to become the world's second smart ukulele, if you're the strummin' type this...

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Outdoor Rocking Hammock Lounger

$79.99 - $89.99 from Amazon »

I like that this outdoor hammock lounger's design suggests I probably won't flip sideways or spill out onto my belly trying to get in and out of it. But I do have some concerns about ending up ass over teakettle. The...

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Shark Guitar Capo

$29.99 from Amazon »

The Shark Guitar Capo takes shredding to new levels. Maybe not Jaws Ukulele levels, but the fretboard clamp will add some personality to the instrument that, perhaps, the guitar player's rendition of "Maneater" cannot....

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Muista Fidget Chair

$180 - $340 from Muista Chair »

Muista isn't a desk chair just for fidgeters, but the antsy and unfocused will probably be the first to appreciate its backless, rocking design, bouncy, bouncy rungs, and curved, saddle-esque seat. Deemed an "evolved...

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Jack Rack Guitar Amp Key Holders

$34.99 - $39.99 from Pluginz Keychains »

Rock out with your...keys and fobs secured safely in a Jack Rack so you don't lose or impale yourself with them. A bangin' nod to the guitar amp, Jack Racks are mountable keychain holders with real 1/4" musical input...

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GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

$39.98 from Amazon »

Those who would rather sway than snuggle at the tailgate and 'round the campfire this fall can go for GCI Outdoor's Freestyle Rocker over Kelty's Low Loveseat chair. This standard-height seat is fitted with a spring-action...

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Volo Hammock Rocker

$8,350 from Sveglio »

Rough life this guy has. Timing the tides. Towing his Sveglio Volo all the way across the beach and into the water. Settling into its hammock and getting a gentle rock going just as the sun starts to set. I bet it's a...

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Flying Saucer Rocking Chair

This is a UFO. An Unidentified Furniture Object that Italian design firm It One Off created in a nod to little green men, living room acrobatics, and a nifty construction technique called "one ground point" they say the...

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Guitdoorbell - Guitar Doorbell

$149.99 from Guitdoorbell »

The Guitdoorbell replaces irritating bing-bong! door chimes and refrains of "It's a small world" with the rich, resonant strum of a real acoustic guitar. Mounted face-down over a doorway in tandem with an underlying plectrum...

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DIY Guitar Pick Punch

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You gotta cut up those old credit cards anyway right? Or what? Your identity will surely be stolen and you'll lose your girlfriend and probably be shunned. Instead, make cool guitar picks and avoid shunning with this...