EZ-Bed Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Posted: May 19, 2018
$239.95 - $269.99
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The downside to owning Ivation's EZ-Bed self-inflating air mattress and bed frame is that you'll always have a place for your friend Cornelius, or your new wife's parents, to crash when they show up unexpectedly (and possibly sloppy drunk) at your door on a random Tuesday night. But that's also the upside to giving the gift of an EZ-Bed to someone else: you can be the one who shows up unannounced and 5 whiskeys in, and know with confidence your recipients have a comfy, roomy place for you to sleep that will manifest out of near thin air in less than 4 minutes!

Available in Queen and Twin sizes, the EZ-Bed plugs into a standard outlet and begins the self-inflation process to plush, medium, or firm when you turn and set a wheel on the side of the mattress. And when I say "process" I mean it - EZ-Bed inflation is a sight to behold. After you flip it out of its (attached) storage bag, the bed looks like some kind of giant mutated spider. So it's a good thing once you launch the inflation, you can walk (run) away and leave the bed (hide from the bed) to grow into itself all by itself. The finished product looks more or less like a normal air mattress set on top of a (mutated spider) bed frame.

The EZ-Bed also auto-deflates, in the same 4-minute period. The Queen bed weighs around 50 pounds and breaks down to 26" x 16" x 21" in its rolling duffel bag. It has a max holding weight capacity of 450 pounds. The Twin size EZ-Bed can hold up to 300 pounds.

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