Elevator Bed

Posted: May 13, 2014
Elevator Bed

This electric Murphy bed hides in the ceiling. It descends as if from the heavens when your hour of slumber arrives. And each time it bears a new gift: silk pajamas; fine Scotch; Sean Penn's daughter. Or that's what would make the Elevator Bed perfect anyway. As it stands, it's just pretty alright.

When I first saw a Murphy bed--I feel like it was on an episode of Growing Pains--it gave me the same thrill seeing this Elevator Bed does now. I don't know why either is so enamoring, or why shifting a magically appearing bed 90 degrees from the wall to the ceiling makes it exciting all over again. I guess some people just enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Especially the simple people. In any case, the LiftBed electric mechanism that powers this elevator of repose hails from Germany. It consists of an aluminum frame and built-in lath floor for mattress support, plus a remote-controlled motor for commanding the bed to appear and be gone. With a total system weight of 900 pounds, installation typically requires wall and ceiling reinforcement. US-based seller Flying Beds International says Elevator Bed design options are virtually unlimited, though the system appears to be available only in size King.

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