Couch Arm Table

Posted: January 31, 2017
Couch Arm Table

Need more than a CouchCoaster? Need an entire flat tract of space mounted to the arm of your sofa for keeping drink, snack, remote, and phone all within finger's grasp? The Couch Arm Table volunteers to relieve you of "your balancing act of couch accoutrements," slipping over and gripping to the arm of your butt's favorite relaxation station, and providing a stable place to store the stuff you need to further achieve and maintain your potato zen state.

Couch Arm Tables are handmade in round or rectangular shapes by Kentuckians Doug and Tuya Haley. They use solid cherry to carve the pieces, which, in addition to their personal attention to each, accounts for the cringeworthy price tag. Tables fit couch arms up to 15" wide.

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