Cacoon Hanging Nest

By: on September 10, 2014
$340 - $500
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Nick and Sarah, husband and wife and owners of hang-in-out LLP conceived their Cacoon hanging nests while traipsing through a Mexican jungle. They saw a colony of Weaver birds chilling in their homemade bolt-holes and (I'm ad-libbing here) thought, "I bet human beings would enjoy hanging from trees, ceilings, boat masts, and raised structural supports in soft, cocoon-like places of respite too."

With backgrounds in the design and fabrication of yacht sails, and extensive knowledge of architectural fabrics and textile technology, Nick and Sarah began their foray into man-sized Weaver bird nests. And now anyone with a similar desire to relax, rock, or nap in a private, body-contouring, feathered friend-inspired enclosure can buy a Cacoon of their own.

Made of fabrics suitable for the marine and camping industries, Cacoons can be installed both indoors and out. Their mix of cotton and polyester give them the soft feel of natural canvas, but maintain material durability and longevity. Cacoons also receive anti-mold, UV protection, and water resistance treatments to withstand wind, rain, sun, and salt water.

Cacoons are available in 7 different solid colors and 3 sizes: Bonsai (120cm wide, 220-pound weight limit); Single (150cm wide, 440-pound weight limit); and Double (180cm wide, 440-pound weight limit).

Muchas danke to Werd.

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Stargaze Swinging & Reclining Camp Chair

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The Bird's Nest Bed

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The Waterfall Swing

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Cocoon Tree

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Cocoon Trees could be tents. Or they could just be hangouts. Time outs. Nap outs. Whatever, and wherever they are the spherical structures will definitely stand out....

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HOVR Seated Walker

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Kodama Zomes Hanging Beds

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Outdoor Hanging Sky Swing Chair

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Flying Saucer Rocking Chair

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Rustic Porch Swing Bed

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Outdoor Patio Arch Swing

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As we all know, my mama occasionally gets mad at me for being...what does she call it? A complete shithead, maybe?...at which times I have to move out of her house and go live in her back yard. This is of course very...

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Infinity Hammock

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