Burning Through Cash Table

Posted: November 02, 2016

Amarist Studio and Alejandro Monge hope their cash pyre coffee table will ignite as much discussion as it does 50 Euro bills. The piece is a symbolic reflection on "the volatility of money and its true value," consumerist society's need to constantly upgrade and replace, and what my girlfriend does every time she walks into a Sephora. How many lipsticks and nail polishes can a single human being possibly paint herself in during a single lifetime?!

The Burning Through Cash Table (my name, not theirs) is the newest piece in Amarist's "Too Much?" series. A concrete base supports a glass urn containing a pyramid of Euros at various stages of combustion. The flame burning at the top is real. The Euros, however, are not. Make sure that's clear to any sticky-fingered or stuck up houseguests you invite over to see it. No, Cousin Ricky, you can't score a couple grand stealing the unburnt bits at the perimeter. No, Aunt Jan, I am not committing a federal offense and demonstrating a general lack of respect for the privileged life I lead.

Want to DIY your own burning bills table, or just light up some American green? Get your stacks of $50,000 prop dollars here.

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