Buddy the Game Chair

Posted: December 29, 2018
Buddy the Game Chair

Buddy the Game Chair allows gamers to go ergonomic. Get comfortable. Switch positions. Take a strrrrrretchhhh. So they can put the Super Smash Bros. down nonstop for the next Fortnite.

The forthcoming Buddy the Game Chair is a low-profile and low-to-the-ground piece of gaming, reading, or jus' relaxing furniture. It has a polyester mesh lining and pillow fabric, with low-rebound urethane and urethane foam stuffing. As you can see in the image gallery, Buddy supports several different sitting positions, with and adjustable headrest that doubles as an elbow rest when you sit backwards in the chair, and an adjustable spine that facilitates back bends to get your blood flowing again, or snap yourself out of your Battle Royale funk.

Buddy the Game Chair is a Japanese design that's currently available only in Asia, though a US release - at a very reasonable $50 - is coming soon according to the Buddy Game Chair website. You can register with an email address there to get updates on availability.

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