As if from Nowhere... Hidden Table & Chairs Bookcase

Posted: March 16, 2020
As if from Nowhere... Hidden Table & Chairs Bookcase

Usually bookcases open to reveal their secrets, but the As if from nowhere... Bookcase from Orla Reynolds needs no hidden lever or button, just some cleverly integrated cutouts to hide its secrets in plain, colorful sight.

As if from nowhere... is a modular bookcase you can use fully stacked, or pieced apart into smaller cubbies and side table-style segments. Around its edges and at natural dividers, it also houses a complete dining set, a table and chairs for 4. Reynolds says the dual function furniture "is intended for small living spaces or for those who wish to cater to the unexpected guest."

Especially if the unexpected guest is Punky Brewster or Rainbow Brite.

I know, dudes, my references are so old. It's because I myself am so old. How about...uh...especially if the unexpected guest is a unicorn or gay pride parade?

If you like your bookcase's hidden gems to be more of the secret door to a room of treasures variety, check out this DIY hidden door hinge system.

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