Antler Chair

Posted: January 08, 2013
Antler Chair
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Someone should hire Self-Regenerative Wax Lamp and Antler Chair creator, Merve Kahraman, to design the next Olympics Opening Ceremonies or, like, my living room. Her brain is a giant KFC bucket of ideas. All of them at least as good as the Colonel's chicken. The anthropomorphic piece of seating, obviously centerpieced by its sick set of antlers rising from behind to frame chair occupants' heads, also buckifies itself with carved hoof legs, a textured paint finish that mimics deer fur, and specially crafted patterned leather. The lack of specification about the latter leads me to believe it is not deer, but probably cow or squirrel hide, but whatever. I don't care that much about anything but the antlers. I've already printed out the photo of the lady sitting in the chair and pasted my head over hers. Huh. I look kind of nice in shoulder pads and boobs.

Antler chairs are handmade in Turkey and measure 24" x 20" x 59".

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