Tetris Alarm Clock

Posted: August 01, 2012

As every girl under the age of 30 I've eavesdropped on at the hair salon* would say: O...M...G. Maybe the only thing better than dreaming about Tetrimino rods and cubes and guns cascading down into masses of perfectly amassed masses is waking up to them falling into digital-time-shaped place as the game's legendary theme music sings out of the Tetris Alarm Clock like a mockingbird trained in electronica.

Sure they could have added some color to the unassuming timepiece, which does have sweet Tetrimino buttons, but kind of blandly sports a black frame and blue backlit screen. But on the upshot, its marginally geeky retro 80s video game elements fly more under the radar this way. You know, so when lady friends see where the magic happens for the first time, the first thing they notice will be the sexy purple silk sheets or life-size Chewbacca statue instead of a Roy G Biv eyesore of a Tetris Alarm Clock.

Though speaking of magic happening, the Tetris clock's true brilliance shines through every 60 seconds, 10 minutes, and hour when one or more of its temporal digits changes by way of Tetris blocks falling from the ether and stacking up in the shape of the new time. Check out the video above for a mesmerizing (albeit silent--where's the theme music, yo?) demo.

Obviously, the Tetris Alarm Clock comes with alarm and snooze functions, as well as the option to wake up to Tetris theme music. It can also be set to display time in 12- or 24-hour mode. The clock measures 8.3" wide x 5.9" high x 2.8" deep, and requires 3 x AA batteries for operation.

*Uh, where I sometimes take my grandma. I'm a Morninghead kind of guy myself.

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