Sun-and-Earth-Powered Globes

By: on July 19, 2014
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MOVA Globes are nothing if not resourceful. The striking pieces of planetary art not only silently rotate and glisten all the livelong day, but they do it without the use of power cords or batteries. This cosmic event for the desktop absorbs the energy of the sun and Earth, using the scientific bounty of our universe to drive their movement. And yes, as a matter of fact, I do think MOVA Globes look that poetic in action too. Especially Venus, which reminds me of the fiery breath of a dragon, and also a bowling ball I used to own.

MOVA Globes convert the sunlight in a room and the force of the Earth's magnetic field into their own kinetic energy, turning serenely and as if floating, atop a 3-pronged acrylic base. The globes are actually configured from 2 globes, the inner of which contains that model's graphic and does the actual rotating. Fully encased by a clear acrylic outer globe, the inner sphere can move freely through a "filling" of injected clear fluid that buoyantly supports it. This fluid also magnifies the inner MOVA's graphic, giving the illusion that it's on the outer shell, and that the outer shell is the one moving.

MOVA Globe creators, TurtleTech Design, have inserted a "highly efficient drive mechanism" within the inner globe to conduct its rotation. Energy for the drive comes from solar cells also implanted in the inner globe. These cells illuminate when light passes through the graphic. In addition, the drive has a magnetic element that reacts with the Earth's magnetic field as a compass does. This delivers the torque to push the globe's rotation.

Ye nerdalicious minds who want to know more, like how TurtleTech Design developed the MOVA Globe technology, can read all about the intricacies of low-light solar cells, counter torque, and fluid-aided optical projection applications right here.

Ye shiny-object-lusting minds who just want to have a MOVA Globe can buy them in 4-1/2", 6", and 8-1/2" diameter sizes, and in about a dozen different different styles. In addition to our planetary neighbors, there are also a few different interpretations of Earth (e.g., antiqued, copper, with cloud patterns), a constellation map, and a few planets' moons.

MOVA Sun-and-Earth-Powered Globes are a top Dude Gift for a Geek pick.

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