OxyLED Eye Care Desk Lamp

Posted: January 15, 2015
OxyLED Eye Care Desk Lamp
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L-E-Ds that don't make you want to crawl under your desk and take an N-A-P. (The OxyLED desk lamp will leave that to conference calls and the Ben Stein you've scored as a boss.) This ultra-low voltage and low temp light is designed to avoid direct glare and emit only soft, even beams across your workspace. With no pulsing/strobe flashing or ghosting, the OxyLED can help eliminate eye strain, eye fatigue and discomfort, and poor visual acuity.

Its slim and modern design includes a swiveling arm and rotating/tilting light source for shining at any angle, as well as a touch-sensitive control panel and 5 levels of brightness control, from cool to warm. The OxyLED chip outputs zero electromagnetic radiation and offers a 60% energy savings compared to CFL over its 50,000+-hour life.

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