Magnetic - Statically Charged Sticky Notes

Posted: February 26, 2015

OK, Magnetic, you win. The coolest new product I've seen all year. Created by appropriately titled Tesla Amazing, Magnetic is a line of notes, pads, boards, and sheets that act like sticky notes without the gummy, lint-collecting, easily comprised strip of stickiness. Rather, Magnetic backs--entire backs--are infused with a stable static charge that allows them to stick to any dry surface. "Any" meaning the wall, the fridge, and the dashboard for sure, but also meaning any piece of wood, plastic, metal, leather, glass, or textile you feel compelled to slap a note on. And since Magnetic's "magnetism" takes the place of glue, each sheet can be stuck, lifted, and re-stuck as often as desired. Check out a GIF of the proof here.

While Magnetic is not actually paper, its smooth surface will respond at least as well to your Bics and Sharpies and in most cases, according to Tesla Amazing, even better. Additionally, Magnetic pieces stick to surfaces on either side, and their statically charged back sides are erasable when used with a marker. Magnetic's line includes:

  • Magnetic Notes. Come in 3 sizes and 9 different colors, including transparent and black for white markers.
  • Magnetic Pads. Larger surfaces for painting, classifieds, etc.
  • Magnetic Boards. Stick and write on these with markers, erase, and write again.
  • Magnetic Sheets. Use in any ordinary printer when you need to stick a print-out to any surface without using glue or thumb tacks.

Magnetic seeks Kickstarter crowdfunding through March 19, 2015.

Muchas danke to Travis P. for the Dude Product Tip.

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